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Darryl Dominique Gibbs’s Story

God never gave up on me and I'm living proof. Yes I have many up"s and down"s. God never fail me yet. Through the day"s and through the night's. I learn how to strive and survive. Today I'm in a better place and won't feel no less. God is working it out right now. That makes me a true believer.

Littian V. Hardy’s Story

All lives matters to me because, know one gave up on me, I mattered to someone, therefore all lives matter to me. Humanity doesn't have "COLOR", care and consideration is priceless! Littian Hardy

Lauren’s Story

15 years ago I was shooting heroin and selling it to my friends. Today I still use opiates (in more legal, conventional ways)...and I also have a master's degree and own a small business. Harm reduction, access to clean needles, and destigmatization have helped me stay alive and know my worth.

Aubri’s Story

I'm a queer trans woman who was homeless sleeping under bridges & in bathrooms for many years, using & injecting drugs and doing sex work. I truly believe that harm reduction & the ppl who helped & educated me along the way is the only reason I'm alive, housed, & healthy today. I'm so grateful.